Pentegra Pawsibilities™

Retirement Pawsibilities™ with Pentegra

Ready to take the next step on your path to retirement? Pentegra’s Retirement Pawsibilities™ program is designed to help pair retirees with pets in need of a home.

Extensive studies have shown the many benefits of adopting a pet. Pets offer companionship and help provide structure and routine to your day. Pets can also help to reduce stress and increase social interaction and physical activity, keeping you happy and healthy! And that is just the beginning!

Pets benefit too. Retirees often have more time to focus their attention on a pet than someone in their working years. That means more time for walking, exercise, playing, and of course companionship.

Pentegra Retirement Pawsibilities™ is our way to further help our customers enjoy their retirement years. By promoting and educating you about the benefits of animal companionship, and providing resources to help make a perfect match for you and a dog or cat who needs a home, we can add an active, healthy and happy component to your retirement years.

To help you find the right pet for you, below you will find a list of resources to get you started finding the right match for you.

Interested in speaking to one of our team members about the many benefits of pet adoption and possibilities? Contact Jen Pinto at or 800-872-3473 with your story today! As a passionate advocate for animal rescue, Jen has spent countless hours working with animal outreach and adoption programs and outside of her work at Pentegra, this is her favorite pursuit.

As a way to get you and your new companion started on the right track, Pentegra will send you a $50 gift card to when you complete your adoption process.

Contact us with a copy of your new pet adoption paperwork, send us a photo of you and your new family member, and please tell us how your new pal opened up pawsibilities for you! Please send your story to


Read more about the benefits of adopting a pet:

Think of all the Pawsibilities for your retirement! Join Pentegra’s Retirement Pawsibilities™ and adopt a pet today!