Pentegra Quick Facts

Who We Are

At Pentegra, we are a different kind of retirement plan partner. That’s because we’re a fiduciary first. As one of America’s oldest independent fiduciaries, we help employers offer better retirement plans.

Our History

• A 75+ year legacy serving as an institutional fiduciary
• Nearly $16 billion in assets under administration/management
• Serving more than 21,000 complex retirement plans 
• Supporting over one million participants nationwide
• A Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) Certified Administrator
• A level of fiduciary expertise and oversight unmatched in the industry today
• One of the largest and most experienced Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) providers in the nation
• An independent fiduciary organization; We have no conflicts of interest
• A board of directors comprised of our clients; We answer to those we serve

Our Solutions

A mission to create better retirement plans that run with less risk, greater efficiencies and improved outcomes


How We Work With You

We partner with firms at the advisor, plan sponsor and enterprise level to bring maximum flexibility to every opportunity. We can fill every role, or fill the gaps.


Our Team

• A fiduciary partner for your plan
• The bench strength of a tenured and professionally credentialed team
• In-House ERISA attorneys, Enrolled Actuaries, ASPPA-certified consultants, fiduciary and compliance experts
• Client facing team members average 15+ years of industry expertise
• More than 60% of our client-facing staff hold professional credentials and/or advanced degrees
• A team of 10 dedicated exclusively to investment research and analysis
• The peace of mind that a professional on board provides