Qualified Retirement Plan Solutions for Financial Advisors & Plan Sponsors

A Legacy Built Offering Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs)

Pentegra has built a legacy offering Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs). Today, as MEPs grow in popularity, Pentegra is one of the few providers—if not the only one—that offers more than 70 years of experience in administering these programs. We manage two of the largest multiple employer plans in the nation.

Multiple employer plan solutions offer significant advantages—economies of scale, cost savings, fiduciary outsourcing and an elevated level of governance and attention to detail that most employers are unlikely to achieve without costly assistance. Benefit from our expertise.


Single Employer Plans

With expertise spanning more than seven decades, Pentegra offers an expansive array of qualified retirement plan solutions on a bundled or unbundled basis and the added advantage of being able to serve in any combination of fiduciary roles.

Defined Contribution Defined Benefit Specialty Plans
401 (k) Traditional Pension Plans 412(e)(3) Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plans
Profit Sharing Plans Cash Balance Plans Age-Weighted Plans
KSOPs DB/DC Combination Plans Split Funded Designed Benefit Plans
ESOPs New Comparability Plans
403(b) Plans Non-publicity traded employer stock
457(b) Plans

Our approach to plan investments is just as flexible. Working with your advisor, you choose how much investment control to retain and how to structure the plan’s investment platform. We offer indexed collective investment funds, mutual funds, as well as an open architecture platform with the option to use our select Top 100 list as a starting reference. If a more customized approach is desired we also offer Separately Managed Accounts and other more tailored investment solutions.

Whether we serve as a fully bundled recordkeeper, or as a TPA with our platform partners, our retirement plan solutions are designed to achieve successful outcomes for everyone.

3(16) Administration & TPA

Pentegra offers a comprehensive array of Third Party Administrative Services. Our in-house ERISA attorneys, consultants and compliance specialists are well-versed in the varying complex issues surrounding retirement plans. Our flexible arrangement can include an existing recordkeeper, trustee or investment manager.

We take TPA services to the next level as a 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator. Our 3(16) Administrator services offer a way to shift the burden of plan administration and compliance from your organization to ours. The result? Simpler, safer, easier plan management.

Trustee Solutions

Pentegra Trust Company is a regulated financial institution as defined by ERISA. Pentegra can serve as 3(38) Investment Fiduciary and Trustee for a retirement plan in a fully discretionary trustee role with sole discretion over plan assets, or as directed trustee, with the help of an independent investment expert serving as a fiduciary advisor or investment manager. The advantage—our services free financial advisors to serve in a 3(21) participant investment advisory role.

Our approach offers you the ability to create your own fully customized fund line-up with no proprietary fund requirements—and accept either fee or commission-based income—based on what works best for your business model.

Consulting Solutions

When you can trust someone to do their best work, you can focus on doing yours.

We’re a fiduciary partner for your plan. We offer the bench strength of a tenured and credentialed team.

Our expert team of ERISA attorneys, ASPPA-certified consultants, fiduciary, investment and compliance specialists serves thousands of complex retirement plans and delivers among the highest level of expertise and technical support in the industry today.

As a fiduciary, we focus on every aspect of your plan and its outcome to ensure it is working in everyone’s best interests – from day one. That means digging a little deeper, making sure thing are done right and fixing things that others have overlooked. 

We like to say we fix what others fear.

Actuarial Solutions

Our actuarial services blend a creative and thoughtful approach that delivers unique solutions to the challenges that come with offering a defined benefit plan today. Our actuaries go beyond number crunching to work collectively for the best interests of our clients. Our goal is to help you better understand the unique dynamics of defined benefit plans. Our seasoned team of Enrolled Actuaries works with clients to translate technical concepts into common sense benefit practicalities and helps quantify the long-term implications of the decisions you make today.